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Castle Rock Repeater Group

'The Friendliest Group Around'

About The Castle Rock Repeater Group

The Castle Rock Repeater Group is a local Denver Metro amateur radio club. The CRRG was founded in 1993. We have many members all over the metro area. Please join us on our Sunday evening net. You can also find us on Facebook at Castle Rock Repeater Group.

 The Castle Rock Repeater Group, Inc., is a non-profit corporation registered under the non-profit laws of the State of Colorado. 

We operate three repeaters in the metro area. 

The 146.670-  located on Squaw Mountain at 11,600 feet has a PL tone of 100 Hz. It has a coverage of  North to Cheyenne, Wy - East to Limon, Co - South to Colorado Springs, Co and West to the Continental Divide.

The 145.400-  located in Denver /  Smoky Hill has a PL tone of 100 Hz and is linked to the 448.500- repeater.

The 448.500-  located in Denver / Smoky Hill has a PL tone of 100 Hz and is linked to the 145.400- repeater.

***Brandmeister DMR Talk Group 31700***


The Castle Rock Repeater Group operates a local members net every Sunday evening at 7 PM (1900) MST on our repeater at 146.670- (100 Hz PL Tone) 

We welcome all guests to join in our nets. You do not need to be a member of the Castle Rock Repeater Group to participate in the nets. For more information, go to our Nets page.


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