Colorado Ares

What is ARES?

 ARES is field organization of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the largest amateur radio advocacy and fraternal organization in the United States. Today, at a national level ARES provides the organization and guidance to help amateur radio operators to establish local emergency communications volunteer groups. ARES Emergency Coordinators work with local government agencies such as police, fire, sheriff, search and rescue and offices of emergency management to determine what emergency communications needs may exist and how to best serve the community.Colorado ARES is divided into 9 All-hazards Regions and 29 Districts; not all regions and districts are active. Each active region and district has an Emergency Coordinator who works to understand the local community’s needs, and organizes resources to maintain a level of emergency preparedness and communications readiness.Although the primary purpose of ARES is to provide emergency communications, ARES members are also routinely asked to provide non-business communications support at public events such as parades, marathons and bike rides.  

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Denver ARES


Region 1 District 4

Denver County Net

Denver ARES has its weekly radio net on Tuesday nights. They meet at 1900 (7pm) on the Castle Rock Repeater Group’s 146.670- (PL 100) repeater. If the primary repeater is down, the backup repeater is the Denver Water Amateur Radio Club’s 147.210+ (PL100) repeater. If both repeaters are down, the net will be run simplex on 146.460 

We meet regularly, on the last Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Red Cross building in Denver, 

444 Sherman St. Denver, CO 80203. Come join us for discussions and presentations on emergency communications and disaster preparedness.

For more information, contact:

Dick Davies 



or click the link below.

Winter Field Day


Winter Field Day at the Tivoli Quad on Saturday, January 26 from 7am-7pm.

AHEC Parking will bag-off four parking spots on 11th Street, adjacent to the quad for you to park vehicles used for the event during operations.

Up to three 10x10 ft pop-up tents, and one gasoline powered portable generator is approved. You may set-up portable antennas on the field of the quad (zone 1) provided they are: (1) marked off for safety so as not to be a trip/injury hazards, and (2) will not cause damage to the sod. ***NOTE – using stakes or in-ground anchors to hold tents or other structures on the lawn is strictly prohibited. Water-, sand-, or metal-weights are an acceptable alternative.  (See attached event services policies for further guidance) 

Use of the restroom facilities in the Tivoli building can be accessed during normal building hours.

***We will need tables, chairs, extension cords and power strips. We have 1 generator and will be bringing a pop up tent. Reminder we can not stake anything in the ground. If you have sand bags to help hold things down.***