The Castle Rock Repeater Group has a  published talk group. It is the Brandmeister DMR TG


We hope everyone will stop by and say hello.

This was created by our Digital Radio Committee Chairperson. 

The CRRG will be starting a fundraiser for a new computer and DMR server. Our future plans will include a way for all digital modes to communicate together with DMR, DStar, Fusion, Etc., and possibly connecting to one of our existing analog repeaters.


The Digital Learning net in on the CRRG talk group 31700.

Every Thursday at 

700 PM / 1900 Local Hours


This is a net that talks about Digital radio and learning all about digital modes such as DMR,       D-Star, Fusion, PSK31, RTTY, JS8Call, etc.

Net Control



What is DMR?

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and uses the Motorola TRBO protocol for communications. Like other digital modes such as D-Star, C4FM and APCO P25, the TRBO protocol converts your voice into a digital form and sends it out via RF (with other bits of information included) and allows you to communicate to other DMR radios and also DMR repeaters, which are networked together around the world via the internet.

DMR Directions

How to connect to the CRRG DMR net without a HotSpot

 Most DMR repeaters are dynamic on time slot 1. For those in the Denver area, you can use the W0TX repeater:
446.7875, -5 MHz offset
Use Color Code 1
Slot 1 - Dynamic Groups
Input Talk Group 31700 

445.075, -5
448.050, -5
447.300, -5
447.075, -5
CC 1
TS 2
Input Talk Group 31700 

 If you have 2M capability for DMR, you can use the 147.315 repeater in Centennial and program the 

ts 1 with tg 31700